unimog mud step 2

unimogs joined together to create a meggamogger

pDOfGk6CuMU unimog chile challenge 08

chile challenge

4Ylf9f5m-sM Unimog rock crawling frickley

Dave playing on the rocks at frickley 4x4 site

srgGlRjiF24 chille challens pared

unimog trepando en la famosa pared de una de las rutas del chille

CxdX0au-BNA UNIMOG Graafmachine Tweedehands Video

German Videoclip showing the Unimog at the Factory Testtrack in Oetigheim, Rastatt, Germany

7Ziw13a7kl4 unimog mud step 2

unimogs joined together to create a meggamogger

PU2GVjwLTuI unimog


O3kYE6Bt9wQ unimog climbs a mud step

proof, as if proof were needed, speed wins.

fLIIyE8Q_R8 Unimog Ballett

Unimog 404 at its limits

SO_Uqi00qrM Mog takes a really steep down hill

Really steep down hill on Day 2 of Area 52 trail run. 4+ trails

tAWDf6EorDY Unimog Brabus Black Edition

Wenn man Geld hat......

7szF3nn0KWU Unimog Hill Climb Calico Unimog Fest 2006

Mogs and other offroaders climb a hill

b8vmZ7KbxZU 1964 Unimog s404 fording a beaver pond

1964 Unimog s404 fording a beaver pond. The water was about 3-4feet deep and a thin layer of ice covered the surface.

mi8SlYGt0YM Truck Trial Chříč, Vránov

video from Czech truck trial race

ogSgAZg-5Mc unimog in action

The unimog is the most capable off-road vehicle

wKQvB9MBuDo Bucher Duro

PRESS MUTE NOW! BAD MUSIC ALERT! Promo vid for the Bucher Duro ATV, a Swiss built 4x4 and 6x6 multipurpose vehicle. Thunderbirds Are Go! Bought by Mowag in 2003 the vehicle shown is now the Mowag Duro II 4x4 For those of you that think this vehicle should have more armour or be more like a Humvee check out the products section at http://www.mowag.ch and look at the Piranha and the Eagle. The reason this truck is not more heavily armoured or more like a Humvee is that it has to be good off road to get around the mountains of central Europe. Things with more armour and indeed Humvees are fine on the flat and for following tanks across mine fields but are bloomin' useless at being carried by helicopters, rock climbing, grinding through forests, driving up river beds and crossing swamps hence the Duro and other swamp monkeys like the Pinzgauer and Unimog, the latter 2 not shown here. Also not shown here are things with more armour and definitely no Humvees. The brief for this vehicle is that it's relatively small and light, adaptable and that it needs no special skills to drive, so that teenagers doing their National Service can jump in, drive it up a mountain / forest / swamp without killing themselves or the truck and can make a nice brew in the back when they get there.

NucBiRPXx7M unimog 4x4

Practica de manejo del vehiculo UNIMOG del Mercedes, por cierto se atasco y fue una bronka sakarlo por ke lo mas parejo estaba aproximadamente a 300 metros del lugar y ninguna grua contaba con un cable tan largo, de echo en una foto sale una retro que se quedo atascada al intentar ayudarnos a sacar el vehiculo

jAkUZSo5VPE Mercedes-Benz Unimog Biturbo Pt. 1

listen! Hauling a G out of mudd. http://www.offroad-pro.de

6u88_zzEYtI Thank God for Winch Lines - part 1

2008 Las Cruces, NM Chile Challenge. Waterfall 2 on Patzcuaro's Revenge. This Unimog driver should be thankful he relented and let them hook up a winch line. He's not wearing his seat belt! Be sure to check out part 2.

NgZUHbRY1HY extreme unimog snowfight 2

Unimog vs Kunstschneehaufen