ship in big storm

ship in heavy weather

-R78DHqFOyY Storm Surge Herrikan Video am Strand hohe Wellen action

While filming storm surges, a cameraman gets too close to the action. ミニショベル,ビデオ,ショベル,中古 建設機械, キャリアダンプ 小型挖掘机, 链式挖掘机, 履带式挖掘机, 轮式装载机, 挖掘机 مستعمل ماكينات الإنشاءات, حفار مجنزر, شاحنة قل

G10KuLTQWzU ship in big storm

ship in heavy weather

9eZiNrdsdQ4 Esvagt Omega in the Northsea Video sea accident crash videos

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AlJhzsNQQPU New Year's Day 2008 on the Terra Nova FPSO

First storm of the year on the Grand Banks, Newfoundland.

fs7CzLSFaT4 Truck wreck @ Vobster Quay

Test video of truck wreck at Vobster Quay filmed using a Canon IXUS 75 digital camera and an Inon UFL-165 fish eye lens. White balance set manually.

SgFonmHL90E HYBALL ROV leaving its garage

Shallow water video of an HYBALL ROV exiting the garage and maneuvering through the water column. (c) 2005 - Greenpeace

8qbqIwyMQcU SubSea workings Tiefsee pipline video Pipline

What goes on under the surface?

jENceVJvdKA World Discoverer cruise ship wrecked in 2001

The World Discoverer, which sank in the Solomon Islands in 2001. Filmed Oct 2003

tfEo6E6nElE Bad weather 21-2-2007

A clip of working in winter conditions on the North Sea

GC6Wc5GfCaQ Geluk dredging

Geluk Dredging is active in the civil engineering industry in theNetherlands and abroad and specialises in dredging

7erjOFT2490 strait pilot rough seas

bogaz kilavuz montaj dardanel pilot sea tug heavy türkiye deniz pilotage embark disembark boarding maas approach ostente tdi antwerp zebruge agir denizler rough seas mob trial manevra flag state montroux montrö çanakkale istanbul marmara gelibolu seddulbahir kilitbayir çimenlik cardinal buoy lighthouse mehmetçik fener turkish straits pilot storm crash

swdyn713M-Q Extreme Monster Fishing!

Opening scene in the new Extreme Monster Fishing video of a rogue wave shinking a ship. DVD available at more info @

mPBaqh3dcVM Rough seas iceland

Fishing in Iceland over the winter time in 34m/s . Camera Sony pd150p .

0JW_kKP7alw Rough Sea

I dont know anything about this vid but all i do know is im pleased im not on board the ship,

QP2GejkLdwA Extreme Oil Drilling Bohrturm Video

In order to get oil flowing freely in the cold tundra, hot steam is pumped into the ground using massive amounts of energy. Alaska's Last Oil

hE4IbZj5JS4 Underwater Train Wreck Unterwasser wrack Bagger

8 miles off the coast of New Jersey two 19th century Locomotives rest on the floor of the ocean.

uOAmNEmMPZ8 Van Oord Palm Jumeirah Baustellen dubai video

Short movie of the creation of Palm Jumeirah island by dredging company Van Oord

WUgkzwoIg4w Dubais Palm Island [2006]-Part 3

Xây dựng đảo nhân tạo tại Dubai

8Vof690S7js Scrap ship running for demolition

Demoliton coast of aliaÄŸa

NE_ri8PkihE Heavy sea

A 300m long 4500TEU Containervessel 200 nm NE of Japan in the Tropical Zyklon Banjan 2005

8-E5fVi-JLo American Star 2 sinkt Untergang von Schiff Aida

American Star ship wreck Fuerteventura

UaNJA7OLEUw R/V Jane Yarn Sinks off Georgia Coast Untergangs Video

On Thursday, August 24, 2007, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources intentionally sank the aging research vessel Jane Yarn to create an artificial reef. The Yarn, named for the late environmental pioneer Jane Hurt Yarn, served since 1998 as the primary research vessel for Grays Reef National Marine Sanctuary off the Georgia coast. This new use for the ship honors Jane Yarn's commitment to the Georgia coast, and a plaque affixed to the new artifical reef bears her name.

hcSK5iwxwhc Hydraulic Tensioners SUB SEA pipline sea construction

Hydraulic Stud Tensioners. These use water as fluid to pressurize the hydraulic piston. This way the fluid can be released back into the ocean. PATENTED BY TITAN TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL INC.